Research Internships
for early-career researchers
at the Laboratory for University Development, the Institute of Education HSE University
We welcome proposals from MA and PhD students and early-career researchers with up to 5 years' experience after PhD completion.
Mobility grant and accommodation
Visa support

Discussions and workshops with leading researchers and the Lab team

Access to the unique data on Russian universities

Support in qualitative data
collection (interviews)

Laboratory for University Development at HSE University Institute of Education, Moscow, Russia
3 — 8 weeks
may include 1 week at the International Summer School on Higher Education at Saint-Petersburg
Compensation of travel costs & accommodation + daily allowance. Personal workplace is offered
International Board
Tommaso Agasisti
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Martin Carnoy
Stanford University, USA
Isak Froumin
HSE University, Russia
Jeroen Huisman
Ghent University, Belgium
Yaroslav Kouzminov
HSE University, Russia
Simon Marginson
Oxford University, England
Christopher Morphew
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Pedro Teixeira
University of Porto, Portugal
Jussi Välimaa
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Po Yang
Peking University, China
Mariya Yudkevich
HSE University, Russia
Applicants are invited to submit extended research proposals, CV and a motivation letter before the established deadlines.
For June — December visits:
Submission closed
Results to be announced by 30th April 2019
For January — May visits:
30th November 2019
General Submission information
Proposals must not exceed 2,500 words (approximately four single-spaced pages). References, tables, and figures are not included in the word limit. The structure of proposals may include the following elements: Purpose of the paper, Design/methodology, Findings, Research limitations, Social and Practical implications, Value of paper, 1-4 keywords, Acknowledgments, References.
Proposal include a research plan for the visit and clear state of goals of the visit.
In addition to proposals applicants are to submit a CV and motivation letter. Motivation letters must not exceed 800 words (approximately four single-spaced pages).
All the papers submitted should be in English.
Preferences to the proposals that present:
study with intention to include Russian case
study on Russian/Post-Soviet Higher Education
study related to the ongoing Lab's research projects
Apply for Internship
I confirm that I have acquainted myself with HSE's Regulations on Personal Data Processing and rightly may present my personal data and give my consent for its processing. By presenting my personal data, I hereby accept the terms of these Regulations, confirming that it pertains to me and is, in fact, accurate and up-to-date, and I freely, on my own initiative and for my own benefit, dispose of this data and understand the consequences of its transfer, thus expressing my consent to its processing in line with Point 3.7 of HSE's Regulations on Personal Data Processing.
Evaluation Process
Applications are evaluated by a panel of peer reviewers based on the above-stated criteria
Peer reviewers are in charge of assessing and scoring the proposals. A maximum of four highly-ranked proposals are supported per year
Decisions will be announced within a month of the submission deadline
Regulations for 'SemyonovAward' Grants
at National Research University Higher School of Economics

Please do not hesitate to contact us