Supporting early-career scholars, academic exchange and cross-border collaboration in higher education
Empowering young academics to lead the way in higher-impact university scholarship
SemyonovAward is an initiative aimed at supporting and consolidating the cross-border community of early-career scholars to advance interdisciplinary and comparative research and international academic cooperation in higher education.

The Awards are set to provide important incentives for spearheading high-quality research in higher education to deliver more conclusive groundwork for robust policy and action. This initiative will help unlock and integrate into scholarly practice wider perspectives on higher education development, including through advancing the comparative agenda, by enabling a broader cohort of young scholars to build on top-tier opportunities for global networking and academic support from the world-distinguished education professionals.
About the Awards
The Awards are designed as early-career internships at the Laboratory for University Development, HSE University Institute of Education, and support to young scholars for participation in the IPA Symposium during the annual International Russian Higher Education Conference (RHEC).

The Awards are named after Dmitry Semyonov, recognizing his scholarly acumen, proactive leadership and high practical contribution that helped change the landscape of higher education research in Russia in only several years.

In his role at the helm of the Laboratory for University Development at HSE University Institute of Education, Dmitry would always encourage students, academics and broader audiences to go the extra mile in exploring what lies at the heart of various facets and factors of higher education development by espousing resourceful personal attitudes and best-practice
academic approaches.

The Laboratory for University Development is well-established center for higher education research, training and networking. The Lab's R&D focus spans the following key areas:
contribution of higher education to economy and society
performance and efficiency of higher education institutions
regional studies in higher education
transformations of higher education systems under global, national and regional pressures
diversity within university systems and institutions
strategic management of universities
equality of access to higher education
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